Can I purchase Turbo Teck products directly through the Turbo Teck website or by calling your 800 number ?

Turbo Teck actually sells to registered Dealers and Distributors only. If you would like to open a dealer or distributor account with us, you may call us, e-mail us or contact your region representative.

What does High Speed HDMI with Ethernet mean ? 

High Speed HDMI with Ethernet also means HDMI version 1.4. It is the latest version available on the market. Although HDMI 2.0 is in the works, no factory has the HDMI certification to produce certified HDMI 2.0 cables. HDMI High Speed w/Ethernet is compatible with all current HDMI connections, they are therefore backward compatible with older HDMI versions. For more information on HDMI 1.4 refer to the following link :

 Does your warranty policy apply to other countries than the U.S ?

For now, our warranty policy will be honored for purchases made in U.S and Canada only.