Technology & Innovation

Turbo Teck is dedicated to incorporate the newest technologies and bring new and innovative products to the market.

HDMI Cables

Our Premier HDMI series, the Turbo High speed HDMI cables, incorporates RedMere technology which in return brings the specs of HDMI to a whole new level, with insane Turbo speed of 18.0 Gbps, our Premier HDMI cable series is ready for the technology of tomorrow.

In addition our Premier Series HDMI use 80% less copper and PVC than other HDMI brands, which makes our Premier HDMI a green cable, in addition this makes the cables lighter and portable.

Click here to view our Premier HDMI Series

TV Mounts

All of Turbo Teck’s TV Mounts are easy to install, thanks to the fact that all of our TV Mounts come pre-assembled, are lighter than the competition and have well written instructions translated in Spanish as well by industry professionals. So no more confusion on how to install your TV Mount. In addition, Turbo Teck is working on installation videos in order to facilitate your installation.

Our SP01, TV mount with integrated speakers, is an innovation in itself. Much easier to install than the competition, much lighter and way more versatile. Oh, and we forgot, its 1/2 the price of the competition! Click here to visit this product!